BeDamCo International offers strategic and operational consultancy as well as interim management to Defense and other security organisations. We provide our clients with the best possible value through cooperation or temporary partnerships with our in-house and free-lance professionals, all of whom are highly specialised and well experienced.

Our low overhead and efficient operating infrastructure enable us to provide services to our clients at low cost. Founded by Hans Bedet and Nico van Dam in 2011, BeDamCo International's expertise areas are Maritime Security, Special Forces and Human Capital, in which the following services are offered.


* Strategic and operational advice on safe and effective conduct of Maritime Security Operations (MSO). In the field of MSO we focus on the protection of the Exclusive Economic Zone, and beyond where applicable. It relates to activities such as the protection of offshore installations, fishery control, and countering piracy and illegal trafficking (e.g. drugs, weapons, human).
* Training and advice for Navies and Coast Guards towards a higher professional level. In addition we offer services to shipyards that require sea training support for their customers as they take delivery of newly built vessels. Our partner Navtrain  operates with former Naval Officers and NCO's of the Royal Dutch Navy and is specialised in sail/operational safety.
* Advice on Through-Life Fleet Support, e.g. sustainment of high material readiness, based on modern logistic support concepts and integrated information systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


Advice on the establishment or improvement of security capabilities to better counter the current threaths to society, such as terrorism. Together with our partners we support governments and security organisations in this field; we operate with former Special Operations Forces Officers and NCO’s from the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps and Royal Netherlands Army. 


The objective of Jobs4Defense is to advice and support (former) MoD (Ministery of Defense) employees in finding a new job or job-perspectives outside the MoD sphere. 


BeDamCo International did join the Economic Mission to UAE 22 - 26 february 2015 and was present at the IDEX.

At this very moment follow up visits for the region are being sceduled.




BeDamCo International
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The Netherlands

Hans Bedet (Managing Director)
Cell phone: +31 6 51850819

Nico van Dam (Managing Director)
Cell phone: +31 6 53726079 



For particular questions or just for general inquiries please send us a mail and we will get back  to you soonest.


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BeDamCo B.V. incorporated and registered in The Netherlands under Chamber of Commerce number KvK 52343979 and registered office at Zuidelijke Wandelweg 9, 1079RJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands