BeDamCo International Business Partners provide consulting services and professional staff for management and projects in the defense and security sector. BeDamCo concentrates mainly on navies and coastguards.

Our clients receive the best possible value through cooperation or temporary partnerships with our professionals, all of whom are highly knowledgeable and well experienced. Our low overhead and efficient operating infrastructure allow us providing services to our clients at low cost.

BeDamCo International's consultancy and executive support cover operational performance and organizational improvements based on policy analysis. These activities include provision of certified operational training and business process advancements in all main areas including logistics, personnel and information management.


Command and operations. BeDamco assists in the analysis of a maritime security policy and its execution. BeDamCo also advises on strategy, governance, operational concepts and fleet optimization to effectively conduct Maritime Security Operations (MSO). To a large degree, BeDamCo's coverage of MSO relates to the protection of the Exclusive Economic Zone but extends beyond the EEZ where applicable. It includes legal aspects and activities such as protection of offshore installations, fishery control and countering piracy and illegal trafficking.

Ship and crew training. BeDamCo offers certified training that brings navies and coastguards to higher operational standards. These services are also available to shipyards that require sea training support for their customers when taking delivery of newbuilt vessels. For this, addressing sail and operational safety as well as basic tactical training, our partner Navtrain operates with former officers of the Royal Dutch Navy.

Special Forces training. BeDamCo supports the establishment or improvement of maritime and naval security organizations to better counter the current threats to nations, in particular those with economies largely depending on maritime security. BeDamCo's executives in this field are former Special Operations Forces officers and NCO's from the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps and Royal Netherlands Army. Our partner Tags facilitates challenging and effective risk based training and consultancy for Military, Law Enforcement and Combat Rescue organizations.


Business process analysis and upgrades. BeDamCo provides expertise in Fleet Life Cycle management i.e. the sustainment of high material readiness, based on modern logistic support concepts and integrated information systems. Other consultancy areas include information and communication management and personnel management. Specifically, BeDamCo is widely known for advising on human capital investments, for career development and for supporting (former) Defense employees exploring job or career perspectives outside the military.


BeDamCo is a partner in the Coalition for Defense & Security Malaysia. Within this coalition private parties, government bodies and knowlegde institutions work together to create integrated solutions. For further information:

BeDamCo International intends visiting Jakarta Indonesia from 17 - 23 August 2020 for discussions on maritime security regarding the Indonesian Navy and the Maritime Security Agency.

BeDamCo International will join the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) in March 2021

BeDamCo International will join the Defense Services Asia (DSA) and NATSEC Asia from 28 - 31 March 2022.




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